I am currently a M.S. student in Prof. Wei-Shi Zheng’s team (The ISEE Group) in the School of Data Science and Computer Science at the Sun Yat-sen University. My research focuses on computer vision. Specifically, my early work was mainly about the detection of important people in images, but now I prefer to do research on videos, such as video highlight detection and video activity recognition. Before SYSU, I have completed my master supervised by Prof. Sheng Bi in South China University of Technology where I was working on SLAM of mobile robot.

NEWS: (May 2020): Rebuttal for ECCV2020

NEWS: (May 2020): Received the internship offer letter of DAMO

NEWS: (May 2020): Deadline for ACM MM20

NEWS: (May 2020): Starting work on the journal.

NEWS: (May 2020): Attending the CSIG-Guangdong Province CVPR2020 Online Academic Report.

NEWS: (March 2020): Deadline for ECCV2020

NEWS: (February 2020): One paper to appear at CVPR 2020. The paper and poster are now online.

NEWS: (May 2019): Attending the CVPR2019 Academic Report held by Tencent PCG.

NEWS: (April 2019): One paper to appear at CVPR 2019. The http://openaccess.thecvf.com/content_CVPR_2019/papers/Li_Learning_to_Learn_Relation_for_Important_People_Detection_in_Still_CVPR_2019_paper.pdf) is now online.