Cross-modal Consensus Network for Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Localization
Fa-Ting Hong*, Jia-Chang Feng*, Dan Xu, Ying Shan and Wei-Shi Zheng#




MIST: Multiple Instance Self-Training Framework for Video Anomaly Detection
Jia-Chang Feng, Fa-Ting Hong and Wei-Shi Zheng#




Hybrid Dynamic-static Context-aware Attention Network for Action Assessment in Long Videos
Ling-An Zeng, Fa-Ting Hong, Wei-Shi Zheng#, Qi-Zhi Yu, Wei Zeng, Yao-Wei Wang, and Jian-Huang Lai



MINI-Net: Multiple Instance Ranking Network for Video Highlight Detection
Fa-Ting Hong, Xuanteng Huang, Wei-Hong Li, Wei-Shi Zheng#